This FAQ (frequently ask questions) section lists some of the questions commonly asked new modelers who are just starting their hobby and have lots of questions. There are many methods of achieving the same results in modeling. Hence this FAQ is not a know all or is all to modeling, it is only a collection of knowledge accumulated over the years of modeling. This page is still under construction and will be slowly expanded, feel free to comment or provide suggestions for improvements. Articles may not be added in sequential order.

What tools do I need in modeling?
Side Cutter
Pen Knife or Design Knife
Thin Marker/Gundam Marker
Plastic Scribers

What do I need to know about Painting my models?
Options to painting my Gunpla.
Paint Markers
Types of paints
Top Coats

How can I enhance the look of my models?
Panel Lining
Enamel Wash
Using Pastel chalk
Paint Chipping