Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tutorial - Removing Seam Lines

1. Place the 2 parts of plastic to be joined together and leave a small gap between them.

2. Apply cement to the gap. Allow the cement to flow in by capillary action (sucked into the gap).

3. Squeeze the 2 pieces until excess plastic flows out.

4. Wait about a day for the plastic to harden before sanding. You should be able to reduce the visibility of the seam line.


  1. Another good tutorial, Uncle Erik! =D

  2. Great tutorial, i was wondering if i did not manage to squeeze out the excess plastic, what should i do?

  3. @menagunplacorner thks for the thumbs up.

    @CHong Hiu Fung, probably you didn't use enough cement. Worst case is to use putty to fill any remaining gap or hole.